Total price:

Delivery for customers from Serbia

Time required for delivery of shipments is 2-3 days for the territory of Belgrade. For Serbia to 3-7 days from the time of ordering. Orders are sent by express courier (DHL and CityExpress). Service delivery will be charged on delivery.

Important note

Sometimes it happens that the local post office longer maintain the package, mainly due to additional security checks that slow the delivery of packages. Also, you should expect longer delivery time in the time before and around the holidays, when the post office takes a lot longer to deliver packages.



For the territory of Belgrade and throughout Serbia price of delivery is 220.00 RSD (the price includes VAT) per shipment, regardless of weight and is done through a courier service City Express.

For the territory of Belgrade and throughout Serbia delivery cost is: 220.00 RSD (Price includes VAT) per item and for items delivered by DHL Serbia (up to 10 kg packages).